Caricature Tips


Caricatures are a very sensitive subject for many people. However, it is the most personal product at any gathering. Caricatures Capture the essence of a person’s face, attitude, personality and charisma. Here are a few tips to, for the most part, ensure that you will like you caricature:


Tip 1: When you are going to get a Caricature be sure to look at the styles of the different artists at the stand. Then, line up behind the Artist.


Tip 2: If wearing a hat, decide whether to keep the hat on your head or not. Ask your self a question… Do I wear a hat often? If your answer to that questions is no, Remove the hat and “finger comb” your hair-unless you have an actual comb or a hair brush. This also applies to sunglasses…except for the comb part of course.


Tip 3: While looking at the artists work please do not state that one artist is better than another. We are all very well trained and have many years of experience.


Tip 4:When getting a face and body drawn, know the theme that you would likes to draw. On a busy day we may not have time to discuss what you want. In the case that you do not have a theme in mind, we can provide that to you.


Tip 5: If you would like us to draw a person from a picture, please send us or bring a high quality front view picture of the person or pet you would like us to draw.